Year 11 Update

Private Year 11 Prom event

We have been made aware that the parent of one of our Year 11 students has offered to organise a Private Year 11 Prom and that a letter has gone to Year 11 students from the parent, informing them about the event and requesting a contribution towards the cost.

EWS has a tradition of Year 13 proms and we hope your child will participate in our prom in Year 13.

We have a duty to inform you that this Year 11 prom is a private event which is not endorsed in any way by the school.  The prom is not organised by the school and the school plays no safeguarding or other role in supervising the event.  As such, we are not able to carry out any risk assessments or accepting liability for any issues which may arise. We also are not responsible for any monies involved in the event.

I know that this is a very busy time of the year for Year 11 students and I hope they have benefited from the various revision and study support sessions we are offering. I wish them all the best in their preparation for the Summer exams!


Ms R Kruger