Points of Contact for Parents / Carers / Members of the public

Points of contact for parents/carers

Contacts for students: It is vital that the school has up to date contact details of parents/carers, including an email address (of the parents/carers) and at least two phone contacts (of the parents/carers) of which one needs to be a mobile number. For changes in personal details please contact Ms Robertson in school office.

Who the school is able to communicate with about a child: the school can only communicate with the parents/carers of the child for safeguarding reasons

Student planner: The initial day to day means of contact between school and home should be the student planner. Parents/carers are advised to read the information at the beginning of the planner to be informed about school systems. Parents/carers need to look out for messages from staff in the planner and are encouraged to write notes for staff to read about especially about low level matters such as uniform and medical appointments.

Communication from the school: Parents/carers are advised to sign up to and down load the schoolgateway and firefly app.  

  • The schoolgateway allows parents to receive communication from the school in the form of text messages and emails. The app also provides parents with information about attendance, ability to pay for school lunches and other items. The schoolgateway app informs you easily of the % of overall attendance in the reports section.
  • Firefly gives details of homework and also gives detailed day by day attendance information, however it does draw some information down slightly inaccurately for instance a student on a trip may appear to be absent.

Direct contact and meetings

EWS is very happy to meet with parents/carers and to talk on the phone about any concerns or queries they may have. We will endeavour to reply within 3 working days to all messages received.

Who to contact about what

For pastoral matters your child’s Head of Year is the first point of contact, they will then either deal with the concern themselves or pass onto the relevant party such as the form tutor.

For questions about subject matters, your child’s subject teacher is the first point of contact.

For more complex subject matters the Head of Department is the point of contact.

For questions about events and trips contact the member of staff in charge of the event if this is known to you or ask the school office for the contact person.

For matters to do with Special Needs, the Special Needs Co-ordinators Ms Rice and Ms Da Silva are the points of contact.

For matters to do with medical or physical needs Ms Petrie in the main point of contact.

English as an Additional Language Ms Hudson (EAL) the EAL Co-ordinator is the point of contact.

For admissions matters including leaving the school, phone 0208 753 7874 or e-mail:

For attendance if a child is absent from school parents/carers need to ring 0208 753 7872 every morning of the absence. More general attendance matters can be done by phone: as above or email or letter.

In very serious or unresolved matters parents/carers /carers may ask for contact from a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Please see SLT Staff list under Our School). Please contact the school office to make an appointment with the relevant Assistant Head Teacher.

For enquiries regarding technical issues with the school gateway services such as Schoolgateway or Firefly phone the school switchboard and ask for Mr Pallister.

For Child Protection matters see information on child protection

Types of contact


Parents/carers will need to ring the school office first to make an appointment, so that we can ensure we have all necessary information ready and parents/carers meet with the person best placed to help.

Phone calls

Parents/carers are to ring the school office on 020 8752 1525 who will put you through to the relevant member of staff: Please bear in mind that staff may not be available at the time of the phone call. Some staff also have a direct line which may be used.  If they are not available the school office will take a message and the member of staff will return your call as soon as possible.


The school prefers to not use email as the main communication tool from parents/carers to home, although emails will be picked up and responded to, usually by phone. Parents/carers can use this form and the message will be passed on.


Parents/carers who choose to write to the school about a matter may of course do so and the school will reply by phone or letter.


Parents/carers are advised to ensure that they have used other methods of contacting the school as cited here in order to voice their concern before following the formal complaints procedure.


See formal complaints procedure on the school website.

Child protection and whistleblowing

See safeguarding and whistle blowing. Parents/carers are reminded that EWS welcomes concerns from parents/carers about any child protection matters and in fact it is an expectation of the school that our parents/carers pass on any safeguarding concerns they may have to the school about any members of the school or the community.

If parents/carers require a paper copy of anything on this website, please contact the school office.  This will be provided free of charge.

You can give OFSTED feedback about the school at OFSTED Parent View.

Points of contacts for Members of the public

For members of the public wishing to contact the school about matters other than those stated, please contact Mr Doyle or Ms Johnson, Deputy Headteachers on the school telephone number.