Leaving the school

Withdrawal from EWS School Roll

If parents/carers need to withdraw their child from EWS permanently, they need to inform the school as soon as possible and complete a leaver’s form which is available below.

·       Moving school can be a big step for children of all ages and we ask parents to seriously consider the reasons for the move. We also urge parents to be cautious about moving students in KS4 especially in year 10 and year 11: it can be very difficult to transfer schools at this point and often students’ subjects and results are adversely affected.

·       The form needs to be received by the school at least a week before the proposed leaving date (the earlier the better).

·        EWS works closely with the local authority and other external agencies to ensure that all children are safe and have a school place, and that no child is CME (child missing education).

·       The school feels it is important to inform parents that it is a safeguarding matter that they inform EWS of their intention to take their child out of the school. This includes if they are intending to move abroad or to home school their child. We strongly advise that parents do not leave the school without having another school place for their child to move to. The preferred method of informing the school is by completing and submitting the leavers form. It can be submitted by posting it to school, dropping it off at reception or emailing the completed form to

·       Failure to complete the appropriate paperwork may lead to a referral to social services and visits to the home by professionals including the police.

·       Whatever the circumstances, we are always sad to see our students leave, although we are aware that sometimes families need to move. We would encourage parents to contact the relevant Head of Year to inform them about the planned move well in advance to see if we can adjust provision in any way, to support the child staying at EWS, to give feedback or simply to say goodbye!


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