Descendants' Awards

Descendants Awards

The Dr John Roberts QC CBE Annual Achievement Awards is run by the Descendants organisation based in Acton.  Descendants is a charitable organisation that aim to encourage young people of Black heritage to develop a sense of pride in their abilities through increasing their self-confidence and knowledge of their history and ancestry. The young people are also encouraged to celebrate and recognise the positive achievements of role models in the community today.

Every year the Descendants organisation invites a group of Black heritage students from EWS to attend their inspirational and fun awards evening to be publicly recognised and celebrated for their outstanding achievements. 

Please let Ms Graham, or the relevant Head of Year or Form Tutor know if your young person is excelling in an activity outside of school that we may not be aware of.  We would love to nominate more students each year for this amazing opportunity.

See the pictures below of our recent Descendant Awards Winners

Hana abukar

July 2021 – Hana Abukar – Outstanding Student Award winner



July 2022 – Chloe Vella  - Student who excels in sports winner



July 2023 winners 

 Ida Brooke - Special Prize for Contribution to the Arts

Liberty Lourie - Descendants Special Prize

Salem Woldehiwot - Achieving Against the Odds and  Dr John Roberts QC CBE Award

Tomi Omotayo - Outstanding Achievements