PSHE / Citizenship / Fundamental British Values


Mrs L Palton – Head of PSHEE, PSHEE Co-ordinator for KS3 & KS5

B.A. Honours in Sociology with Marketing, PGCE in Social Sciences

Ms M Kerestos – Citizenship Co-ordinator

BA Hons History & International Relations, PGCE in History 

Ms S Samuel – KS4 Co-ordinator

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computing

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) aims to enrich pupils’ understanding of how to develop themselves, work on their relationships with others inside and outside of school, drugs, alcohol, tobacco; emotional and mental health and wellbeing; nutrition and physical activity; personal finance; safety inside and outside the home, relationships and sex education; work related learning and enterprise.

Citizenship and FBV aims to develop student understanding of the modern British democratic system and their roles and responsibilities within society.


The PSHEE, Citizenship and Careers curriculum are delivered through the following methods:

  • Weekly PSHE lessons during form time
  • Whole school enrichment days
  • Workshops and events in school
  • Cross curricular through subjects, particularly within Science, RE, PE, Drama, Geography, History and IT.

We use active methods of learning, engaging our students enabling them to develop their confidence and resilience independently that will result in lifelong learning experiences.

We work extensively with external services including guest speakers and professional health practitioners, voluntary workers and the Metropolitan Police.

Apart from delivering our PSHEE and Citizenship curriculum, we also deliver Mindfulness, Circle time, Girls on Board and Mentors in Violence Prevention programmes to develop our students social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

PSHE and citizenship are assessed using a variety of different methods with progress recorded and reported to parents.  We value our pupil’s feedback so that we can improve and amend the way in which these areas are delivered.

KS3 Curriculum


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

What is PSHEE?

Hopes and fears

Making friends in a new school

Making mistakes

Confidence & building Resilience

Enrichment day – Wellbeing Day


What do I need to do to be healthy?

You & Other People


 Enrichment Day – Trip to The Tower of London

Emotional, mental, health Well being & Growth mindset

What makes a Citizen?


Enrichment day –

Your Life, You Choose Day

Year 8

How does Friendship change and evolve?

Peer pressure

Health & Wellbeing – Drugs and Drug taking

Enrichment Day – Economic Education delivered by MyBnk

Social Media & E-Safety

Voting Systems



Enrichment Day – Body image, The Media & Online Safety

Dealing with an emergency inside and outside the home

Dealing with social issues

Enrichment Day –

Bright futures & Careers



KS4 Curriculum


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9

Social groups

Media & Technology

Enrichment day – Relationships & your wellbeing


Growing up

Enrichment day – Online safety & wellbeing

What does it mean to be British

Career Education

Enrichment day – Mental & emotional wellbeing Day

Year 10

Health & wellbeing

How does the world govern itself

Mental health & Resilience

Enrichment Day – How to be a good citizen

How to revise and look after yourself

Banish body talk & Body image

Enrichment Day – Relationships & Wellbeing

Diversity in society


Enrichment Day – Careers Day

Year 11

Health & Wellbeing

Revision refresher

Enrichment Day – Walking Talking Mocks & Exam Preparation

The importance of the law for Citizens


Enrichment Day – You & Your Wellbeing

Work & Finance

Exam preparation


KS5 Curriculum



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 12

Study Skills

Health & Wellbeing – Consent and Contraception.




Economic education – MyBnk

Social media – Sexting & E safety

Anti-radicalisation and extremism

Amnesty International

Religious freedom in the UK


Emotional mental health & Well being

Body image & the media

Difficult relationships


Year 13


Student finance

Apprenticeships and other alternatives to further education


My Mind

Health & Well-being – Shisha smoking

First Aid