Computer Science and ICT

Staff within the Department

Kevin Marron – Head of Department

BA (Hons) DipHE

We are one of the first schools in the country to offer Computer Science as a truly comprehensive subject. All students at EWS now complete the subject at KS3, offering two years to learn how computers and networks work, and how to code their own programs. We work directly with hardware manufacturers to provide bespoke activities using robots in lessons, and are excited to use the new BBC Micro:bit at KS3.




Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

The School Network, e-mail, and e-safety.


Understanding hardware and software.

Data representation.


Games programming.

Students complete this subject on a carousel for two terms of each year at KS3.

Year 8

Understanding Computer Systems.


Introduction to Python Programming.

Computer graphics and audio.


Web Design (HTML / CSS)

Students complete this subject on a carousel for two terms of each year at KS3.


In Year 8, students completed the Heathrow Coding Challenge last year, winning the overall event.

We follow the national curriculum for Computer Science at KS3. More information can be found at

Activities to do at home

Learning to code in Python is an engaging and useful way to develop your skills. Currently we recommend learning by playing at


At Key Stage 4 we currently run the new Computer Science GCSE. 


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Year 9

Algorithms and programming

ICT Systems


For Computer Science we follow OCR Computer Science GCSE:

Activities to do at home

Year 9 can improve by developing their HTML skills, we recommend using Khan Academy: . Year 9 and 10 can access the IT facilities to work on their programming skills on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in R1.

For Computer Science, a working knowledge of Python programming is essential.  A fun way to develop these skills is through Code Combat:


Enrichment Activities and Trips

Robot Club

Programming Club


Career Paths

Software Architect

Systems Manager

Academic Researcher

Systems Analyst

Database Administrator

Games Programmer

Web Developer

App Designer