KS3 Homework

Why do we set homework?

Homework is a great opportunity for students to practise their learning and develop their independent study skills.  According to research[1], homework has a positive impact, particularly with pupils in secondary schools and homework that is linked to classroom work tends to be more effective…

What will homework be like?

…therefore, homework that is set will be used to review the learning in lessons.  This might include quizzes, reviewing knowledge organisers or practising skills or strategies.

When will homework be set? 

Homework will be set across our two week timetable and students should expect 2 tasks per fortnight in English, Maths and Science, and 1 task per fortnight for other subjects.  We do not provide a homework timetable of exactly when homework will be set because we expect teachers to adapt to the needs of their individual classes.

How will homework be set?

All homework will visible on our virtual learning platform, Firefly.  Homework might be completed in the following ways:

  • completed in exercise books or on paper
  • in a workbook
  • electronically on Firefly
  • electronically on a subject specific platform.

What else can pupils do?

We also want to encourage a healthy balance for pupils, allowing them to develop their love of learning and good routines, while still being encouraged to read for fun, join clubs, sport teams outside of school etc. There will also be optional ‘Further Learning Activities’ available on Firefly for each subject, encouraging broad learning and love of a subject.



KS4 Homework


The aim of homework is to:

  • Consolidate and extend work covered in class or to prepare for new learning
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Enable pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning
  • Give every pupil the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Instil in all pupils the importance of life-long learning
  • Provide training for students in planning & organising their time
  • Create channels for home-school dialogue


Each subject area will have its own guidelines but these include:

  • Consolidation of previous learning
  • Practising skills
  • Reading
  • Interviews
  • Preparation for the next lesson
  • Watch and listen activities
  • Problem solving activities
  • Independent learning opportunities and skills building activities
  • Activities that enable creativity and imagination


It is important that students should have frequent and increasing opportunities to develop and consolidate their competencies as independent learners. On each of our subject pages we have included extra enrichment activities that can be done as part of online learning.





Page Downloads Date  
Learning Guidance for pupils away from s... 17th Mar 2020 Download
Further Learning Activities 05th May 2023 Download