The Head's Welcome

As the Head of an OFSTED Outstanding school, I am often asked what I am most proud of as Head of The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, and the challenge always lies in choosing just one thing.  Each day presents several reasons why the school is so unique: fantastic grounds, superb cultural experiences, and dedicated staff who deliver and support exceptional teaching.

But all of these things form a backdrop to the incredible girls we educate.  The young women who choose to come here develop an enthusiasm for learning which remains with them beyond their time at the school.  They mature into astute, self-assured women with big aspirations and credentials to match.  Being a specialist Science and Mathematics college means that a number of our girls choose to progress onto higher education and careers in those related fields, but they excel equally in all other areas of their studies.

As you navigate through our website, you will gain some insight into what we offer our students by way of an extensive curriculum, teaching that excites, experiences that enthuse, and a setting which is safe and secure. 

Rachel Kruger