Year 6 -7 Admissions in September 2025

We recognise that the move to secondary may be a daunting and often complicated task. We urge you to remember that it is also a very exciting time! Our transition programme aims to provide as much information as possible for both parents/carers and children. Also, we recommend that you check the website for additional information in the next few months.

For many of you who know the school, EWS will be your first choice. For those of you who are going through the transition process for the first time, please be assured that we are an excellent choice. We are an outstanding school with a very experienced pastoral team and high quality teachers. We are looking forward to meeting your child and making this a happy experience for them. We are always ready to discuss the admission process as well as EWS itself, should you wish to know more.

Parents / carers who wish to visit EWS, may wish to attend one of our events.  More information is available by clicking on this link.