Intervention and support at EWS is personalised to the needs of the individual student. We believe every child has an infinite potential for learning, and a capacity for change and that at times all young people may need extra help to maximise their potential. Interventions can take many forms, both academic and pastoral. Where appropriate EWS also offers parental support with interventions. EWS uses external services and organisations to give variety and focussed support.

To achieve this we may support your daughter in a number of different ways. Some examples of EWS’s range of interventions are below.

Academic interventions mainly focused with exam classes

  • Academic coaching with a member of EWS staff
  • Intervention subject lessons during lunchtime or after school
  • Small group interventions during morning registration
  • Catch up classes at weekends or school holidays
  • Elevate Education Study Skills
  • Careers intervention via Connextions agency

Academic support

  • Intervention  in the SEN and EAL departments such as  
    • English morning registration intervention
    • Maths intervention  
    • Football club
    • Accelerated reader catch up
    • Speech & Language Group
    • Social Skills group
    • Craft club / Knitting club
    • Book club
    • Homework Club
    • Friends for Life Nurture Group
  • Intervention lessons during lunchtime or after school in subject areas

Pastoral support

  • 1-2-1 and group sessions in school with Learning Mentors and School Counsellor
  • Trips- e.g. Hanwell Zoo
  • Working with external agencies-
    • Teens and Toddlers group
    • OMG mentoring
    • Grief Encounters
    • Paiwand Mentoring
    • Easy Project
    • Women and Girls Network
    • Ealing Behaviour Service
    • Building My Future
    • RSE Intervention