The overall leadership and management of intervention lies with the Senior Leadership Team. The Deputy Head (Pupils and Learning) works with the pastoral team of Divisional Heads and form tutors. They take responsibility for the academic monitoring of pupils during form time.

Members of SLT line manage Heads of Department and subject leaders. The HODs of all subjects, including the core subjects – English, Maths and Science- have responsibility for the data analysis of the assessment outcomes in their subject areas.
Through the tracking of pupil progress those students who are underachieving are identified and the appropriate intervention strategies deployed. A wide range of intervention strategies are used with the emphasis on Wave 1 strategies i.e. high quality teaching for all. Departments have their own Intervention Plans. For the Wave 2 strategies, the SEN Coordinator and the EAL coordinator, working with their teams of LSAs and HLTAs support specific students in class and with extra curricular activities.
The triggers for intervention are low baseline assessments e.g. KS2, CATs, reading ages and underachievement shown by tracking procedures. The impact of interventions is evaluated by the pastoral team, the heads of department and SLT. The Deputy Head (Pupils and Learning) focuses on KS4 pupils and the Assistant Head i/c KS3 monitors the progress of pupils at KS3. The Sixth Form Management Team monitor the progress of KS5 students. The Assistant Head i/c Assessment and Secondary Strategy has an overview of the processes involved.