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Welcome To The Ellen Wilkinson School

EWS is a wonderfully diverse school, a microcosm of multi-cultural London with students and staff from a range of different backgrounds, faiths and cultures. We have gained a variety of awards recognising our strengths in areas from our success in adding value (Specialist Schools Award) to Investor in People (since 1999). We are particularly proud of the SSAT Gold Award for Cultural Diversity, the assessors noting that “the ethos of the school is an outstanding feature” and that there is “a highly cohesive and mutually supportive community where everyone feels valued and enjoys learning”. Our recent Ofsted report also recognised the girls’ outstanding personal development and well-being.

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  • May 26th 2016 Justine Greening MP has responded to our letter! Please see her letter on our website - Read more
  • May 25th 2016 EWS Art, Photography and D & T Exhibition, Wed 29th of June – We’d love you to come and see it! Read more…Read more
  • May 25th 2016 EWS Police Cadets help security mark staff bicycles. Cadets will be open to all Yr. 7-9 girls in Sept..Read more Read more
  • May 25th 2016 Our Annual Year 7 Science Evening is happening this Thursday 26th of May Read more Read more Read more
  • May 16th 2016 Tues 17th, 3:30 to 4:30, Bike Marking Scheme run by the police – students can get their bikes security marked free!