School Uniform

In order to support effective learning and to represent the school positively it is important for students to be correctly dressed and well equipped. We appreciate how smart so many of our students are and have regular uniform spot checks to praise students as well as monitoring that the correct uniform is being worn. Some items of dress need to be left at home so that they do not interfere with students learning or risk being lost. Students are advised to name all their belongings.

In order to identify our students and due to the fact the school is in loco parentis on the students’ journey to school, school uniform is to be worn at all times on site and on the journey to and from school.


Uniform from September 2016

Uniform 1It is an expectation that all students are in school will be in full school uniform on the first day of the academic year on Monday 5th September 2016. Please note EWS is altering the school uniform in two stages firstly in September 2016 and subsequently in September 2017.

  • Students who are in years 7-10 from September 2016 will all be wearing the new school uniform. The main changes are to the school uniform jumper/cardigan and the PE kit. The jumper/cardigan is changing from a navy blue one to a maroon one. There are also other minor changes to the school uniform see changes below in bold and underlined.
  • Students who are in Year 11 from September 2016 may choose to wear the new uniform or may continue to wear the school uniform from this year. There are also some minor changes to year 11’s uniform even if they choose to wear the old uniform see changes below in bold and underlined.
  • Full details of the uniform from September 2016 are given below and parents/carers are advised to read this to ensure that they are buying items which are correct school uniform.
  • Some items needs to be purchased from our uniform supplier. How to do this is explained below.
  • The student planner has full details of the school uniform for reference.
  • The new PE kit will be phased in –students in year 7-11 will be allowed to continue to wear the old PE kit for another year. We do expect students who represent the school at sports events to wear the new PE kit.
  • There will be a further addition of a compulsory blazer in September 2017.  More information about this will follow in due course.


Purchasing new uniform

  • Some items of school uniform need to be purchased from our uniform supplier. These items are the school jumper or cardigan and the school PE kit.
  • Other items including the trousers, skirt and blouse can be purchased at any high street retailer.


Uniform from the Uniform Supplier

Items from the uniform supplier can be obtained in two ways on line or at the uniform event in school.  If students would like to try on items prior to ordering this can do done at the uniform events below.


On line


The School Uniform Event

  • Uniform 2This will be held 10 am – 6 pm Thursday 21st July and Tuesday 16th August at Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls.
  • Uniform will be available to try on for size,  to order for delivery and to buy there and then.
  • Cash or credit cards may be used. 

Items of school uniform posted to school from the Uniform Supplier

Parents/ carers will need to collect items ordered for delivery to the school prior to September 5th. They will need to bring proof of purchase to receive the goods.

  • School reception will be open to collect ordered goods during the holidays on Tuesday 9th August  and Tuesday 23rd August 10 am – 2.00 pm  and Thursday 1st September 8.30 am - 3.00pm.  
  • Parents need to ensure that they order uniform in good time and by Thursday 17th August at the latest to ensure it arrives in school well before term starts for students on 5th September.


School uniform

  • Uniform 3Shoes – brown, black or navy formal shoes/leather school shoes (not canvas shoes including Vans or other plimsolls, Converse, trainers or Dr Martens) boots may be worn in cold weather but need to be checked with the Head of Year and trousers (if worn) must be worn over boots. Patent leather may be worn.
  • Skirts – Navy blue - A line or pleated, knee length or longer (not stretch fabric or jersey).
  • Trousers – Navy blue smart trousers (not stretch fabric, leggings, jeans or jean style or jeggings).
  • Blouses/shirts – white and tucked in, open neck or traditional collar (open necked are preferred), short sleeves or long sleeves (not T shirt fabric or aertex), only plain white T shirt or vest underneath not polo necks.
  • Tights/socks – socks white, black or navy not patterned, a choice of tights or socks- not both; socks may be knee socks or ankle socks but not over the knee.
  • Cardigans/jumpers - year 7-10 (2016-17) - EWS school uniform only – maroon with school logo on (no other or extra cardigans, wraps, jumpers or hoodies).
  • Cardigans/jumpers - year 11 only (2016-17) - EWS school uniform only – navy or maroon with school logo on (no other or extra cardigans, wraps, jumpers or hoodies).
  • Coats – plain and dark – not leather (or fake leather), fur (or fake fur) or denim, they must be removed in lessons.
  • Hair –no shaved heads, “cuts”, no excessive hair accessories or unnatural hair dye.
  • Accessories – in cold weather navy or black scarves, gloves and hats may be worn outdoors, no tattoos, no coloured contact lens.
  • Jewellery– one stud or sleeper in the lower lobe of each ear, which must be taken out for PE. No facial piercings or nose studs. No bracelets and necklaces (an exception to this is the Kara, which must be small. If any other types of earrings or jewellery are worn they will be confiscated and only given back at the discretion of the Head of Year or SLT. Students will be expected to remove jewellery if it is felt to be not in line these guidelines; failure or refusal to do so will mean that students will be placed in the Guidance and Support area. Students are allowed to and encouraged to wear a watch (not an “i watch” or similar).
  • Makeup - Students may not wear excessive makeup to school; this is at the discretion of the Head of Year or SLT. Coloured nail varnish and false nails are not permitted. Students will be expected to remove nail varnish and makeup if it is felt to be excessive; failure or refusal to do so will mean that students will be placed in the Guidance and Support area.
  • Physical Education Kit year 7-10 (2016-17) - navy EWS polo shirt with gold panels, navy EWS half zip fleece, navy EWS skort with gold panels, navy EWS tracksuit bottoms, a change of socks (no tights) and trainers (not plimsolls). Black leggings can be worn for gymnastics and dance only. 
  • Physical Education Kit year 11 only (2016-17) - light blue EWS polo shirt, grey EWS hooded sweatshirt, black bottoms (either tracksuit, leggings or shorts), change of socks – no tights, Trainers (not plimsolls).


Physical education Kit expectations all years

Pe kitPE kit will be expected to be worn at all times for all PE lessons. Even if students are injured or unwell, they are still expected to wear PE kit as they will still be participating in the lesson, but in a different role, such as coach or umpire.

Participation in PE is a National Curriculum requirement.  All students are expected to take part in the full programme of activities and to wear the appropriate PE kit, in order to ensure that health and safety regulations are observed.  We have consulted with leaders of different faiths and are satisfied that our PE kit respects religious dress codes and is generally acceptable. For health and safety reasons, all jewellery must be removed, including stud earrings and hair must always be securely tied up. Medication needed, such as asthma pumps, should be brought by the students to each lesson.

There are no other optional items of uniform apart from those listed below i.e. if an item is listed below students may not wear it.

Optional items of uniform - year 7-10 (2016-17)

  • Head scarf (if worn) plain navy.
  • No blazers until September 2017.

Optional items of uniform – year 11 only (2016-17)

  • No blazers or ties.
  • School uniform fleece (if worn) students should have a jumper/ cardigan as well.
  • Head scarf (if worn) plain navy.
  • A long over gown. If worn, full school uniform should be worn and visible underneath it; it must be plain navy blue with the school badge sewn on and it may come up to the neck, but it may not encompass the head.

Summer uniform all the above rules all still apply. Although students do not need to wear their EWS cardigan or jumper they need to have it with them.

The school acknowledges that as fashion changes items of clothing may need to be defined as acceptable or not.

Dress on School Visits

On most school visits full school uniform will be worn. This is due to safe-guarding considerations and also because they will be representing the school. Students may not be able to go on school events or trips if they are not wearing full school uniform. At sports events the school PE kit must be worn.  On certain trips such as field work or trips abroad school uniform may not be worn. In these instances appropriate clothes and shoes for the relief, terrain and weather must be worn. Parents/carers will be notified if this is the case and the appropriateness of the dress is at the discretion of the member of staff in charge of the trip.


If a student has a specific problem with uniform, they must bring a letter from their parent/carer given directly to the Head of Year. The problem will be considered, but not automatically accepted.

Consequences of not being in uniform

  • Students will be asked to get into uniform and resolve the situation straight away
  • If applicable parents/carers may be asked to bring in the correct uniform
  • School may endeavour to provide the correct uniform if appropriate
  • Students will spend their break and/or lunch with the Head of Year
  • Persistent/significant failure to follow the uniform code will lead to time being spent in the Guidance and Support area