In year admission into Years 7-11

In Year admissions Year 7 - 11

We understand some families may wish to apply for a place at EWS after the main round admissions in year 7. Parents will need to contact London Borough of Ealing to apply to place their child's name on our waiting list. The waiting list is operated according to our admissions criteria via London Borough of Ealing.  Parents can access the appropriate information by visiting the LBE website.

How to Appeal

Parents wishing to appeal should write a letter FAO the Headteacher: Ms Kruger stating the name and date of birth of their child and their grounds for appeal. Parents may wish to include supporting evidence should they have any.

If you wish to have information about time frames for appeals or should you be considering an appeal and you wish to discuss this with a member of EWS staff please ring the school and ask to speak to Mr Lennon or email  FAO Mr Lennon.

Parents have the right to initiate an appeal at any point in time, in their child's journey from Year 6 to Year 11.