In year admission into Years 7-11

In Year admissions Year 7 - 11

We understand many families may be disappointed that their child has not been offered a place at Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls. Parents / Carers who have not been offered a place for their daughter in September 2019 may wish to place their child's name on our waiting list which is operated according to our admissions criteria via London Borough of Ealing.  You can access the appropriate information by visiting the LBE website.

All applications for places at Ellen Wilkinson School are now handled by the London Borough of Ealing. You can access the appropriate information by visiting the LBE website.


Parents have the right to initiate an appeal at any point in time, in their child's journey from Year 7 to Year 11.

Parents who wish to discuss the process of an appeal may wish to contact .

Parents/carers who wish to appeal an admission are advised to read the information provided by Ealing