Behaviour for Learning

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls prides itself in being a caring and inclusive school and believes
students need to feel safe and happy in school in order to learn and to achieve. The core purpose of
EWS is teaching and learning, and robust behaviour and learning systems are crucial to this.
The school believes that no student or group of students should be allowed to disrupt the learning of
others, put others at risk of harm or damage the well-being of others. Students learn best in a
controlled environment with clear boundaries, which is calm and orderly. Students are regularly and
clearly made aware of the school’s expectations of their behaviour and praised for positive
behaviour. Where incidences of poor behaviour occur intervention is clear, swift and firm. This
allows the majority of students to get on with their learning with minimum disruption, whilst at the
same time supporting those students whose behaviour needs to change.
Key principles and aims

  • The Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team of the school lead from the front, modelling effective behaviour management, knowing students and their individual needs, challenging poor behaviour and praising good behaviour.
  • Staff collectively are responsible for the management of student behaviour in the school and this will be consistent and assertive and wherever possible proactive rather than reactive.
  • Students need to demonstrate positive behaviour including good manners to help prepare themselves for adult life and work.
  • The school believes that respect for each other and courtesy to staff and students alike is the foundation for a strong tolerant community. Some students need to be directly supported into
  • developing a model of behaviour and manners which is appropriate in a school and therefore EWS teaches students how to behave in a socially acceptable manner.
  • Every child has a right to be seen as an individual and for their experiences to be considered.
  • The school is active in developing students with a strong moral purpose and sense of social justice. It instils a feeling of belonging to the community and an understanding of the values of living in modern Britain as a democratic and egalitarian society.
  • The school uses high level sanctions including exclusions (both Fixed Term and Permanent) as a response to high level incidents (both persistent and one off) with due consideration and in line with local authority procedures.
  • The school aims to limit the need for such exclusions through building a robust in-school sanction and support system which is transparent, sequential and fair and also allows students time to reflect and receive help.
  • The school believes that such positive behaviour should continue beyond the classroom and beyond the school gate as our students become ambassadors for the school’s ever enhancing reputation.