The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls celebrates its linguistic diversity. Around 60 languages are used by pupils in the school. After English, Arabic is most commonly used.

About 65% of our school population are bilingual.

We define bilingualism as when a pupil uses a language other than English to communicate with others.

The vast majority of our pupils experience the positive effects of bilingualism which aids their English and academic studies. Some are relatively new arrivals to England and are still in the process of learning English.

We categorise our learners as beginners if they are very new to English.

We aim to give additional help in mainstream or study support lessons to such pupils at least once each school day.

Functional learners are those who may have a reasonable spoken command of English but are still developing their English literacy skills. Pupils may have only been in England for two or three years at this stage.

These pupils are given differentiated support to scaffold their literacy as appropriate.

Pupils who are categorised as being EAP are still developing their English for Academic Purposes. This could take a further five years so it can be challenging for pupils joining the school in the higher years.

These pupils benefit from study support and additional support in English and Science lessons as they prepare for external examinations.

The EAL team also offer extra-curricular support through lunchtime and after school tutorials and clubs.

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