PiXL - The Edge

We are proud to be members of PiXL, the Partners in Excellence Club, a network of schools that support each other, working together to achieve the highest outcomes for students and to improve their life chances.  Our Key Stage 3 students, starting with the current Year 7, are being given the opportunity to participate in a PiXL programme called ‘The Edge,’ a character development programme that enables students to develop five attributes that will help them in their everyday lives, as well as future employability.  These are:

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication                                                      

Our Year 7 students are following the programme at Apprentice Level.  They are studying the attributes in their PSHE lessons and being given opportunities there and in several subjects (so far in English, Food Technology, P.E. and Science) to take them a bit further.

To achieve their Apprenticeship, they need to complete two activities under each heading and evaluate them.  By the end of Key Stage 4, they will have taken the initiative in more depth and will be eligible for Graduate Level and, if they want to take it further and continue into the 6th Form, they will achieve Masters Level which is externally accredited.  We hope our students will find this approach challenging and rewarding.