Online Learning

The aim of online learning is to:

  • Consolidate and extend work covered in class or to prepare for new learning
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Enable pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning
  • Give every pupil the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Instil in all pupils the importance of life-long learning
  • Provide training for students in planning & organising their time
  • Create channels for home- school dialogue

Each subject area will have its own guidelines but these include:

  • Consolidation of previous learning
  • Practising skills
  • Reading
  • Interviews
  • Preparation for the next lesson
  • Watch and listen activities
  • Problem solving activities
  • Independent learning opportunities and skills building activities
  • Activities that enable creativity and imagination
It is important that students should have frequent and increasing opportunities to develop and consolidate their competencies as independent learners. On each of our subject pages we have included extra enrichment activities that can be done as part of online learning.