PSHEE / Careers

Staff within the Department

Mrs L Palton – PSHEE Lead, KS3 & KS5 Co-ordinator

B.A. Honours in Sociology with Marketing, PGCE in Social Sciences

Ms Harper – PSHEE Co-ordinator for KS4

First Class BSocSc in Sociology with History, PGCE in Social Sciences

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) aims to enrich pupils’ understanding of drugs, alcohol and tobacco; emotional health and wellbeing; nutrition and physical activity; personal finance; safety; sex and relationship education; Work Related Learning and enterprise.


PSHEE is covered across the school curriculum within other subjects, particularly, within Science, RE, PE, Drama, History and IT. In addition to this we offer four whole school enrichment days to cover aspects of the PSHE Curriculum and we work with and liaise with a number of guest speakers and professional health practitioners, voluntary workers and other external organisations.

 Within form time we encourage pupils to watch videos on particular issues, read through case studies and other stimulus material to encourage pupils to discuss the issues studied and work together to suggest what should or what can be done in dealing with particular issues. We also encourage pupils to work together as a class and within their school community. We use a variety of teaching methods to deliver the topics highlighted below through the use of group work, class discussions, circle time, games, carrying out mini projects through the use of IT and through writing letters, making posters and leaflets.

PSHEE is assessed using a variety of different methods with progress recorded and reported to parents. Assessment includes tests, self-assessment and evaluation of enrichment and enterprise days that pupils have within the year. We value our pupils feedback so that we can improve and amend the way in which PSHEE is delivered. We also assess pupils understanding through the variety of teaching methods used and written assessments are completed at the end of each term.

These consist of a whole school day. These days are organised by various departments within the school, as well as by PSHEE Coordinators, the Careers Coordinator, the Environmental Coordinator and the Citizenship Coordinator.


KS3 Curriculum



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

What is PSHEE?

Hopes and fears

Making friends in a new school


What do I need to do to be healthy?



Emotional mental health & Well being

What makes a Citizen?

Year 8

How does Friendship change and evolve?

Peer pressure

Health & Wellbeing – Drugs and Drug taking

Social Media & E-Safety


Dealing with emergency inside and outside the home

Dealing with social issues



KS4 Curriculum


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9

Social groups




Feminism and inspirational women

Year 10


Mental health

Body image

Work experience



Year 11

Work and finance



Exam preparation



KS5 Curriculum



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 12

Study Skills

Health & Well being – Consent and Contraception.



Drugs and Drug-taking

Social media – Sexting & E safety

Anti-radicalisation and extremism

Amnesty International

Religious freedom in the UK


Emotional mental health & Well being

Body image

Violence in young relationships


Year 13


Student finance

Apprenticeships and other alternatives to further education



Health & Well-being – Shisha smoking

Health & Well being – Pornography

Violence within young relationships


First Aid