BBC School Report

Ellen Wilkinson report on wonderful workshop on digitisation:

Our students have taken part in the BBC School Report 2015.

Working for the BBC News School Report has not only taught us a lot about wearable technology but also how challenging it can be working with a tight schedule and close deadline. It’s mind-blowing to consider the prospect of doing this every day, week after week, year after year, as a job! At some points we were calm, collected, and with a clear idea of where to go and what to do. At other times, the sheer pressure made us panic with an ominous deadline looming ever closer.

We made our report on the Year 9 student’s workshop in which they were asked to make a piece of wearable technology. The workshop was run by MyKindaCrowd and it tested their computer skills. Bright Futures and MyKindaCrowd have societies in over 50 university campuses. Around ten minutes before the dreaded four o’clock, we were all working to our best abilities and realised how much we had enjoyed acquiring skills such as filming, editing, reporting, researching and script-writing. Thank you BBC News for giving us this amazing opportunity!