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In 2018 we welcomed one of our former pupils, Tina Daheley, to our school for a special news day on journalism and future pathways. As one of our own ex-pupils, she revisited our school site, to share her successes and expertise with our girls and work alongside them in workshops and other events on news day 2018. 

BBC projects are exciting and open the door to meeting a range of interesting and influential people, last year our students  met with acclaimed scientists, MP's, academics, journalists, actors and producers to name a few. The journey with BBC school report starts with being selected on merit to join our team of reporters. Students are selected to join the BBC school report team based on their excellent work and effort in lessons. Our team works hard through the school year to report on events of importance to our community.


Our recent highlights include visits to film previews and study days on the South Bank BFI site.  Our team also reports on World Book Day each year and reports on our whole school STEM day with the science department. Those reports have covered a varied range exciting discoveries from our work with wearable technology to Robotics.


Our Media and Communications team has links with the BBC and the BFI, offering experiences and enhanced study days to our students.

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