MLE (Fronter)

A MLE is a Managed Learning Environment and the school's MLE is managed by the LGFL and Fronter.  All pupils at the school have a user name and password so that they can log on at school and at home to access resources for and from their lessons.  The MLE is organised in a similar way to the curriculum, so that each pupil has access to a virtual classroom for each of their subjects.  Teachers use the MLE to reinforce their teaching and they provide a way of extending learning.  If a pupil has been absent, then they can log onto their virtual room and access the teaching resources that were used in their lesson.  Sometimes, teachers will set homework on Fronter. The MLE also has tools which enable pupils to communicate with their teachers via email and messaging. There are also interactive forums and quizzes. Pupils are encouraged to log on regularly in order to keep up to date with the new resources that are added all the time.

For further information, please contact Mr Sanders, the Head of ICT, at