Main round admission into Year 7 September 2020

Main round admission into Year 7 September 2020

September 2020 Admissions from Year 6 to Year 7:

Places for entry to High School for Year 7 September, 2020 have now been offered. If you have received a place for your daughter please confirm the place with the London Borough of Ealing as requested. If you have not yet accepted your place with London Borough of Ealing, please ensure that you do so urgently. If you cannot accept the place for any reason, please inform the London Borough of Ealing immediately so that we are able to offer the place to the many children on the waiting list.

Many thanks to the vast majority of parents who have already handed in their green admission form to school, please can those parents who are yet to do this do so immediately. If any help is required with completing the form please see the contact emails below.

EWS usually organises a series of fun events to help your child settle into our outstanding school.

Due to the COVID 19 crisis we have amended our procedures and hence our events in line with government guidance on school closure and social distancing.  We have adjusted our transition process and are replacing some of our events with phone calls. It has also meant that sadly some face to face events have not taken place this summer. We will do all that we can in order to make sure that no child is disadvantaged. We thank you in advance for your understanding as we all work together in these difficult circumstances.

Rest assured we have been working and will continue to work with the local authority, the primary schools of all our future students and you our parents/carers to ensure that Year 6-7 students have a positive experience of year 6-7 transition.

Monday 18th May onwards:  Primary school contact: EWS staff will be talking to our primary school colleagues by phone.

Monday 8th June – Friday 19th June - EWS Pastoral Team 1:1 Meetings with Year 6 Parents & students. These meetings will now take place by phone.

Students Virtual Induction Event- Thursday 9th July at 4.30pm: on zoom (zoom details have been emailed to parents). A range of fun activities and an opportunity for all our future students to be together: we advise that all students who can join in.


Child and Parent Quiz -Tuesday 14th July at 4.30pm: on zoom (zoom details have been emailed to parents). A chance to socialise together with families: optional for parents and children to attend. Should be a fun challenge!


Information about EWS as audio presentations or looms: a series of these have been emailed to parents on the following topics. Parents may watch these as many times as they like. They replace the information we would usually give in induction evening in June. We recommend that parents and children watch them together, although they are designed for a parental audience.

  1. Paperwork

Information on completing the registration process; paperwork and other guidance.

  1. Practical information

Day to day routines, uniform & equipment (including mobile phones) home-school communication

  1. Curriculum

Lessons & subjects, on-line learning & other opportunities such as trips

  1. Pastoral

safeguarding, rewards, tutor groups, behaviour expectations and consequences, support & stretch


Booked phone calls

The following times have been put aside for year 6-7 parents. Parents are invited book a timeslot for a phone call by emailing

Phone call surgery: SEN team

Tuesday 7th July 12.00-3.00 pm


Tuesday 14th July 12.00-3.00pm

Chat to one of our SEN leaders Ms Rice or Ms Cupial-Jones if you have a child who has extra needs including medical needs.

Phone call surgery: 6-7 team Thursday 9th July 11.00am-3.00 pm

Chat to one of our admission and transition team leaders Ms Conran, Ms Osman or Mr Lennon if you any concerns about year 6 -7 transition or about the pastoral or curriculum needs of your child.

Phone call surgery: Senior Leadership Team

Wednesday 15th July 10.00am -2.00pm

Chat to our Head teacher Ms Kruger or Deputy Head Ms Johnson or Mr Doyle if you any unresolved concerns.


September 2nd and 3rd induction days for all year 7 students at EWS: details including times to be sent to parents

Opportunities to visit Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

These are on hold during this period of school closure due to social distancing guidelines. 

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