Frequently asked questions - Year 6-7 transition

Year 6 Questions answered

Hello Year 6s,

This week we’re letting our current Year 7s do the talking!  Here are some of their reflections on what it has been like to be in Year 7 at the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls:

1)       When I first started here at EWS, I was unsure and lost, but the encouraging form tutors really understood all my worries and helped me as much as they could. They were always there when we all needed them most. 

2)      What I enjoy about EWS!

A good thing about EWS is the variety of subjects you get to do that you could not do in primary school, such as Design and Technology, textiles, music, food tech and many more. I think the overall plus is getting to know new people- in your form, then in your mixed classes, and finally most people in Year Seven. I think at EWS you can be more independent than you ever were in primary school.

3)      Dear Year 6,

Here are some reasons you should come to Ellen Wilkinson School:

1)            We are rated Outstanding by Ofsted (the top rating) and work hard to keep that position.

2)            Everyone is very friendly, including the teachers, and is also willing to help you answer your questions about the school and help you settle in.

3)            We have beautiful spots at our school such as the Japanese Garden or the greenhouse benches

4)            We have a special time called circle time; it happens in form time. It’s where everyone gathers and we talk about something important like: wellbeing, staying safe, the importance of school etc. Anyone is allowed to share their opinion or personal experiences.    

a. Everyone was supportive 

b. Friends became like sisters

c. We had a lot of fun

d. The best part of EWS is what you do will always be appreciated.

5)      Ellen Wilkinson is a great school because when we came we felt very welcome. When we arrived, we we were welcomed warmly by our form tutor who calmed our nerves quickly and encouraged us to make new friends. It’s very easy to make friends, even if you are really nervous. Lessons are amazing and the teachers make the lessons easy to learn. In primary school PE was… not our favourite subject but here PE is a lot more fun and inclusive.

In conclusion Ellen Wilkinson is a wonderful school and we love it.

​Previous FAQs

Hello Year 6s,

Here are this week’s answers to some of the questions you may have about starting at Ellen Wilkinson School:

Where do I have my lunch?

 Students can eat their lunch in a number of places.  We have lots of space at school and some lovely places for you to eat such as our tree lined Japanese garden, the redgra, the large dining area.  Hot meals must be eaten in the dining hall however, these arrangements may vary as part of the school’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak. Our students always say how much they really enjoy the meals at school.

Can I ride my bike to school? Where can I keep it?

 Yes, you can ride your bike to school and this is something as a school community we would like to encourage!  Its good for your health as well as for the environment.  If you are going to ride to school its very important that you make sure you wear a proper cycle helmet and if possible a highly visible yellow vest. You should also bring a bike lock.   There are bike racks on the school site where you can lock your bike safely at the beginning of the day.  Members of staff will help you to find them when you start.

What happens if I am late to school?

 If you are late to school you will sign in when you arrive and then join your form group.  If  you are late more than twice a week your tutor will speak to you about the reasons why and how you can ensure you get to school on time. If you continue to be late you may then receive a detention. The best thing to do is to give yourself lots of time to get to school. You need to be in your form room by 8:45am. Please keep checking your route to school.  If you can, try to get an alarm clock over the summer so you are up on time!

How often should we use our planner?

 Your planner is designed to help you on a day to day basis with lots of information about the school that will help you.  Your form tutor will expect to see your planner on the desk in form time and any important messages they have for you or for your parents should be written into your planner.  If you need help writing into your planner please ask.   Your planner is also used to record any homework which may be set by your teachers or the dates of any upcoming assessments.  The planner will help you be organised! 

Who can I talk to if I am feeling a bit unsure?

 Its perfectly fine to feel unsure or confused about things when you start secondary school.  If you do feel like that you can talk to your form teacher who is there to help and support you as well as your subject teachers.  If you feel you would like a bit more help then you can go to see your Head of Year who will be happy to help.  If you are walking around the school and feel a bit lost then its fine to ask any adult member of staff for some guidance.